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Hey everyone!

My name is Robert Certain, and I am a headshot, portrait and lifestyle photographer living in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. However, I didn’t start here.

My early passion was music, having sang in sang in multiple performance groups, opened for several recording artists, and even having sang at Carnegie Hall. There was also a period of time where I focused on composing and arranging music. Even now, I share this passion with my children.

It wasn't until I joined the U.S. Army that I became interested in photography. Most of my time in the military was spent traveling, especially the last few years. It was during those last few years I bought my first DSLR (a Canon EOS Rebel T3). I figured if the Army was going keep sending me places, I should at least take some decent pictures to show everyone.

So, I “became” a landscape and travel photographer. I was fortunate enough to see and take pictures of the Sydney Opera House in Australia, Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, and many other remarkable locations. 

Fast forward a few years, and I was ready to leave military service. Having spent a majority of my time traveling and away from my wife and two children, I was ready to be home and tired of missing out on so many precious and fleeting moments. 

So, I started taking more pictures of my family, especially my children. However, I wasn’t happy with the results. The images didn’t reflect my kids’ personalities. So, I started studying how to take great portraits by drawing out genuine expression. As the images of my children started to better reflect their unique personalities, I looked to my wife as my next muse.

Around that same time, my wife started her modeling and acting career. Needing a headshot for a casting call, she asked if I would help her create one. To my surprise, that first headshot actually landed her on a TV show, with multiple call backs. Being my biggest supporter, she told anyone who asked that her husband took her headshot. Soon, other models and actors were asking if I was available to shoot them as well. As I started working with them, I found that I really liked the images we created, more than the travel and landscape images I had taken previously. That's when I realized I was a headshot and portrait photographer.

Since then, I've continued to work primarily with models and actors to establish the foundation of every model and actor’s portfolio, great headshots. These models and I have also created some outstanding commercial and lifestyle images. 

My journey is not over. I strive every day to improve as a photographer, but more importantly, as a husband and a father. Photography may have become my new passion, but my family means everything to me.

If you are interested in purchasing or licensing any of my work, please contact me or check out my Shutterstock portfolio.