2016 -> 2017, Finishing a Chapter and Starting Anew

Some of you may have noticed the website has gone through a few changes over the past few months. Well, a lot more than that has changed behind the screen before you.

2016 was filled with successes, failures, gains, losses, and many changes… for each and every one of us. As we close out the chapter that was 2016 and look forward to the new year, hearing of the loss of familiar faces of the stage and screen, I can’t help but recall the loss of two uncles this year. Despite this loss, it makes me grateful for what I have and the cherished moments I have with my wife, children, extended family, and friends. Given everything that I have experienced this past year, I’m reminded that life is precious with fleeting moments that are easily missed.

In today’s world, which is filled with technology and social media, there is little excuse for not capturing those everyday moments with those whom we hold dear and celebrating by sharing those moments for the world to see… and remember for years to come. It may be in a posting online, an email to a friend, or as timeless as an image hanging on your wall or stored away in an album for safe-keeping.

While I have been fortunate to work with some outstanding families and individuals this year, I am most proud that I took the time to capture personal family moments such as the various milestones during my youngest son’s first year, my daughter’s first soccer game and her ongoing dance studies, my wife’s new adventure of hosting wine tastings, and countless other gatherings with family and friends. Still, I can’t help but think of moments that I missed either because I wasn’t there or didn’t take the time to capture the moment. My biggest regret is not taking more time to photograph these memories.

As we start the new year, my personal commitment is to take more time capturing and sharing those fleeting moments. At the same time, I will continue improving upon the experience for my clients, continuing to create images that capture the personalities and unique qualities of those in front of my camera, while offering new products that afford the best means to share and preserve those images.

What are we waiting for? Let’s get your 2017 photo session booked today and create images that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Happy New Year!!!